Maasai Mara Safari!

As a tourist whether local or international, touring Maasai Mara National Reserve should be at your bucket list. It has the eighth wonder of the world and the “big five” game animals reside here.


The game reserve is located at Narok County about 280 km west of Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya. There are two options to consider while travelling to the Mara, of course depending on your budget and preference, they include: driving or flying.

Driving will take you 5-6 hours. Tourists who want to enjoy the Kenyan Scenery, know more about the Maasai culture and enjoy an African Safari Adventure. Should consider a road trip, it sure will quench your thirst.

There are a variety of Maasai Mara tour operators, all you have to do is select your preference and see if it works with your budget. The following website will help you with your search:

It comes highly recommended, and its also known as one of the most reliable tour operators, in East Africa.

Flying, on the other hand, will take 45-50 mins. The flights depart from Wilson Domestic Airport. It is a convenient travel alternative especially if you have kids or you have a few days to spend at the Mara.

In case you are from any other town in Kenya, you can always ask your travel guide, or driver, or agent the directions and any other concerns. They are always happy to help.

Why the Eighth Wonder of the world?

You must wonder, “why the eighth wonder of the world?” Well, Maasai Mara is known as the 8th wonder of the world because of the famous Wildebeest Migration. You definitely do not want to miss out on over a million wildebeest crossing Mara river, while the huge Nile Crocodiles are waiting to have a feast, as they cross over to Serengeti National Park Tanzania to literally look for greener pastures. It is one of a kind.

The best time to view this phenomenal eco-system in Kenya is between the month of July to October.

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Early bookings are encouraged due to the number of tourists wanting a piece of this outstanding migration, that only happens for a period of time yearly. It is the Big event.


On your Kenyan safari, Maasai Mara will offer you a variety of Game Reserve Hotels with an authentic bush experience, so no need to worry, you just have to decide which one excites you and has your ultimate package. You can get conclusive accommodation packages by visiting the following site:

Kindly specify the Maasai Mara option to get more details.
Maasai Mara National Reserve offers a breathtaking wildlife experience that every tourist should not miss out on. What are you waiting for?